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Moving Tips and Tricks

Posted by realtoranna_admin on 28.01.2023

We get it! Moving can be exhausting and seems to have so many steps before you get to move. We decided to put together a helpful list of moving tips and tricks, split up by organizing, packing, and moving. This way you don’t have to think about the to-dos and can just enjoy the process! 

Organizing and Decluttering

Moving is the best time to get rid of clutter and to make sure you aren’t packing items that you no longer have use for. Remember that junk drawer we each hold so dearly, yeah… it is time to let that all go!

  • Clear out and declutter ALL your drawers in your house.
  • Re-organize and clean out cabinets.
  • Donate any clothing that doesn’t spark joy.
  • Sell or donate any furniture that you know will not work in your new home.


When it comes to packing you will always need boxes to organize and keep your items safe during the move.

  • Major stores like Target, Home Depot, Home Goods, and so many more places will give you their boxes they are going to trash for free.
  • Don’t overpack your boxes. You want to make sure they can shut and be tapped so that you can stack them a lot easier.
  • Label your boxes with what items are in them and make sure it is fragile items, to mark the box fragile.
  • For fragile items, wrap them in bubble wrap, newspapers, towels, etc.
  • Make sure to separate items like cleaning supplies, tools, and paint into their boxes. Do not mix them with other items.


Now to the fun part! All your hard work has paid off! It’s finally time to move into your new home. This can be a stressful part of the process but we’re here for you!

  • Before you move all your items into your new home, give it a clean! That way you can move into a completely fresh space.
  • Hire a moving company! While this might be an expense it could be worth it for you to save the hassle of loading and unloading everything.
  • Rent a big Uhaul! One that can hold furniture and boxes. Pro tip – load furniture first and in the back, this will allow you to fill up the Uhaul with the big items first.
  • Do things in shifts and take breaks! This is a huge process and breaks are needed.
  • Do a walkthrough of your old house to make sure nothing is left behind and that the house is nice and clean for the new owners.

We hope these tips and tricks help you feel less stressed during the moving process! Make sure to follow us on Instagram for more.

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